GSB Ganesh Seva Mandal Kings Circle

GSB Seva Ganesh mandal, Kings circle


The GSB Seva Ganesh mandal is affectionately known as Mumbai’s gold Ganesh. GSB Ganesh idol is 12 feet tall with over 70 kgs of gold and 297.5 kgs of silver on the murti (idol). All four arms of the Ganpati statue are covered with gold. GSB Mandal is insured for Rs 223.35 crore (2,233.5 million) of which Rs 20 crore each are for risk cover of the Idol and public; Rs 180 crore is accident cover for the workers and volunteers of the Mandal.

The mandal, often stated to be the richest in the city, was founded by the Gowd Saraswat Brahmin community from Karnataka in 1954. They’ve prospered in Mumbai, and as a mark of respect to the city they conduct various social programs along with a grand celebration of the Ganesh Festival.

GSB Seva Ganesh is among the more eco-friendly of Mumbai’s large Ganpati Mandals. Clay and grass is used in making the GSB Ganesh idol, unlike other big Ganpati statues that use plaster. The mandal is also distinctive because there’s none of the usual recorded music there. Instead, traditional Indian musical instruments used in south Indian temples are played.
Many poojas and yagnas are continously held here. This year a record of more than 5300 were held.


Click on the link  for video of Ganesh aarti:


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